Hasta La Vista


A Brief History of Hasta La Vista.

Located in Sarandë, Hostel Hasta la vista provides spacious and fully equipped shared or private rooms with WiFi, air conditioning and lockers. The facility has plenty of common areas, including a large kitchen, working spaces, a home made cinema with slick sound, and a playroom with a bar, pool- and ping pong table. 

Why ch0ose us

Our Journey

Just as Petro Marko's novel "Hasta La Vista" intertwines tales of resilience and hope amid wartime strife, our hostel embodies the spirit of adventure and fellowship. The hostel offers not just a place to stay, but a chapter in your own travel story. Experience the legacy of enduring quests and new beginnings in a setting where every guest is part of a living narrative, echoing the novel's themes of freedom and friendship!

Best Location

Located in the vibrant heart of Sarandë, Hostel Hasta la Vista offers travelers an inviting and comfortable haven. Our hostel features spacious and well-equipped rooms, available in both shared and private options, all complete with WiFi, air conditioning, and secure lockers.

Common Areas

The charm of Hostel Hasta la Vista extends beyond the rooms. Guests can enjoy our abundant common areas, including a large kitchen perfect for shared meals, dedicated working spaces, a cozy homemade cinema with top-notch sound, and a lively playroom featuring a bar, pool table, and ping pong table.